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In the left menu, you will find several categories that will allow you to create and edit records for quick insertion into BOLs.


The main carriers page shows a list of current carriers that have already been created in your account. Above the list of carriers, you can create a new carrier by clicking on the Create Carrier button or by importing bulk records by clicking on the Import link. You can also bulk export your records as well.


The fields for the Ship To, Ship From, and 3rd Party Billing locations are all the same, but each is only available in those sections when creating the BOL. For example, if you create a Ship From location as 123 ABC St, that address will only show in the Ship From box on the BOL. If you want that same address to also be an option in the Ship To and/or 3rd Party Billing sections of the BOL, then you must create that same address in each of those categories as well. 

Much like the Carriers section, simply click on the Create Address button or the Import link to add as many addresses as needed.


This is where you can create default products for the Commodities section on the BOL.

Title: This is how to look up the product when creating the BOL, but does not display anywhere on the BOL.

Description: This will be the text displayed in the Commodity Description box on the BOL. If the product is hazardous, the start of the description should be "UN ID, Proper Name, Hazard Class, Packing Group" as required by the DOT.

Unit Type: Click on the dropdown to select the type of Handling Unit this product normally uses.

Weight Unit: Click on the dropdown to select the type of Weight Unit this product normally uses. 

Freight Class: Enter the default freight class for this particular product. This option can be left blank if it changes with every shipment.

Hazardous: Select either No or Yes if the product is hazardous. The default option is No. If Yes is selected, the fields for hazardous items appear. Enter the hazardous details for each product. The information entered for Emergency Contact and Emergency Phone Number will automatically show up in the Special Instructions box on the BOL. 

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